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Principal's Message



Mrs. Kimberly Miles

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Instagram: east.gresham.elementary

Twitter: @EastGreshamElem


Principal:   Dr. Kimberly Miles

Grades: K-5  

Mascot:  Eagles     

School Colors:  Blue, Grey, & White


Mission: We are committed to empowering our community of learners. We know each student is capable. We value each child.

Vision: Together We Succeed! No Exceptions! No Excuses! 


Students will:

  • Learn to Read and Read to Learn 
  • Engage in Personalized Goal Setting
  • Measure and Monitor Growth Towards Individual & Grade-Level Goals
  • Generalize & Justify their Thinking & Reasoning with Structured Student Talk
  • Build an Understanding of Social & Emotional Awareness for Self-Regulation


 Teachers and Leaders will:

  • Collaborate for Equitable Student Outcomes
  • Use Evidence-Based Instructional Strategies
  • Strategize Alignment of Instructional Practices
  • Design Student Assessments for Learning
  • Analyze Student Performance Data for Informed Decision-Making


Staff, Parents, & Families will:

  • Celebrate and Recognize Student Growth
  • Develop Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Support Positive Student Interactions with Restorative Practices
  • Create Opportunities for Parent Engagement & Partnerships
  • Cultivate and Prioritize Respectful Relationships



Dr. Kimberly Miles, Principal

East Gresham Elementary School